Yoga is  one of the most ancient traditions in the world, born and developed in India and neighbour territories. Luckily, it's wisdom is being spread around the world and today  litterally millions of practicionners benefit from the practice of Yoga, that liberate, awake and promote health. So far everybody knows right?

Yoga, traditionally has many branches, as it acquired singularities depending on the place where it got developed (different areas in India, also Tibet, Nepal) however the essence is one. Nowadays we find the word yoga is found added to a infinity of other nomeclatures, it is important to look for information and to have clarity to find a transmission that honors the original principles. But anyways, theres place for everything and each one finds what they can.

The body is a wonderful "tool" of  exploration for consciousness, but Yoga is not gymnastics. Its evident that theres "work" on the phisical body but this is not the focus. In Yoga we purify our phisiological-energetic channels, e throught the pratice we question what is "the body", to realise,acctually,that we are something beyond it.Yoga helps us to compreend in a deeper level and harmonize the mysterious human complex made of matter, energy, emotion, mind, spirit...

Yoga has postures and breathing "exercises" but thats not all there is. Yoga is a tradition that encompasses many refined arts as the Yantras, Meditations, Sacred texts,  etc. Traditionally each one of these areas require a lifetime to be understood and transmitted properly.

Yoga is independent of religion, its certainly conected to hinduism and other eastern religions however it doenst oblige the practitioner to bfollow them. Yoga is a universal good, it has principles and foundations that can be adopted for people of any nationality or religion.

Yoga is silence, by means of its diverse tools we empty ourselves, we make ourselves more avaiable for the blessings of silence and peace to bath and heal our bodies.This shoud be a natural, unexpected conseuence and not a goal. The silence that Yoga IS, is present 24/7 for us to connect with it.

Yoga is to apply the priciples in the daily life. To practice yoga only on top of the yoga mat and them act in unonscious ways in the daily life is a contradiction and hipocresy. For exemple the fundation of no-identification, to realize that we are not what we have, or judge to be,or the emotions that fluctuate at the surface, and them to act accordingly on the everyday life.

Yoga is to realize and give ourselves the permission that we are already free inside. All of us  already have the full potential for freedom, there are no steps to raise or fall, no heroic goals to conquer or hardships, or mystical odysseys to take on. We already are a pure diamond and it just takes a minimun work for us to take the mud that is stick on it.

 Yoga is liberation and not another area to charge and punish ourselves, to be more productiveou better then others is a competitive way. O modern society fulll of aggresive forms, based on productivity and demand, ended up influencing "modern approches of yoga" practiced in the west, those pratices often result in aggresion to the body-mind-spirit. Yoga as a tradition, suffers today unfortunate distortions where some "practices" even hurt phisically the unaware adepts, that cause emotional frustration and on and on, which is distant from the source of yoga.

Yoga is union. Is a subtil and constant  inviation from PRESENCE, that knocks on our doors all the time.


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