Conscious Nutrition 

Cooking is a sadhana, is a form of love, a way to transmit information and energy. Food is memory, it contains ancestral information and the power to remind us in a cellular level of the natural ways and bring us to harmony. When cooking based on, or inspired by Ayurvedic principles, innumerous considerations are taken. Some of them are:

-to whom the food is (different people, different needs)

-how you are feeling when you are cooking and what you are transmitting

-the time of the year and the time of the day 

-the combination of food

-the use of spices and herbs 

-the qualities in food, gunas&mahagunas  (if its fiery, earthy, liquid, dense, heavy, light, etc) 

-understanding fundaments like agni, ama or the rasas

-the quality of food (precedency, storage, processing date)

Besides Ayurveda, another aspect of nutrition that I like to integrate in my cooking is the expansion of the concept of nutrition itself. This expresses as constant experimenting and questioning of affirmations around nutrition, the breaking of paradigms and old believes. 

About recipes and mesures, certainly there are specific dishes I enjoy, still,  I´m  constantly creating, adventuring with new ingredients or making slight changes in commum dishes. In each country the food available changes, also to whom Im cooking changes, and how the weather is, this and other variables have been giving  me the opportunity to learn to adapt and create, which I do with pleasure. Cooking with no recipies is more about intuition, more about being guided by the senses and the whisper of the principles in the back of my mind. CHeck out the writings to know more.


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